​​Sponsoring a rescued equine animal is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. We work very hard to rescue and rehabilitate our equine friends in need, but in order to continue to rescue more animals, we need sponsors like you to help pay for their rehabilitation. When becoming a sponsor you are giving an individual horse a second chance at living a better life! We understand that there are many people that would like to adopt a horse but busy schedules, obligations or perhaps a lack of horse knowledge would prevent them from adopting a horse. There are those that really want a horse but just can’t manage it for one reason or another but still want to be part of a horse’s life and their care. Send us an email at info@daydreamsfarm.com if you are interested in sponsoring a horse.

Sponsor a Horse


Levels of Sponsorship

Mini - $25 per month or $300 pre-paid
Pony - $50 per month or $600 pre-paid
Horse - $75 per month or $900 pre-paid
Draft - $100 per month or $1.200 pre-paid
Sponsorship by Check:

7731 Morrow Road Cottreville, MI 48039

Steps to complete your sponsorship:

1. Complete online form and submit
2. Click donate button-choose payment method
3. If paying monthly, click monthly option button
You will receive a confirmation email of your sponsorship once all steps are completed.