Permanent Residents

Our sanctuary animals are here for different reasons. Some are here because they just can’t thrive anywhere else. Others are here because of a promise we made to someone that we would protect their beloved equine until they died. Some are here as permanent mascots for the farm. Every one has a job and “gives back” to the rescue. Many of them travel with us educating people about responsible horse ownership. Some we use for lessons and therapy for people. ​Because they are permanent residents, they ALL need sponsors!

Charlie is our super pony extraordinaire. He's a 13.3 hand Quarter Pony gelding. Charlie is 9 years old and assists with lessons, events, and equine assisted therapy. ​

Henry is our big "in your pocket" partner. He's a 15.3 hand Quarter Horse cross gelding. Henry is 32 years old and assists with lessons, events, and equine assisted therapy.

Molly is our farm sweetheart. She's a 15.1 hand Morgan horse mare. Molly is 23 years old and assists with lessons, events, and equine assisted therapy.

Napoleon is our smallest pony with the biggest ego. He's a 28" Miniature Horse gelding. Napoleon is 15 years old, our travel sized pony that travels with us to away events, and a helper with equine assisted therapy.

Missy is our beloved official Day Dreams Farm matriarch. She's a 14.3 hand Polish Arabian mare. Missy is 23 years old and helps with lessons, events, and equine assisted therapy.

Loretta is our lovely pig princess. She's a 5 year old female Potbellied pig. Loretta helps us entertain guests at events, sneaking into garbage cans, and snuffling people's legs!



Stewart is our Nubian goat that is notorious for getting into places he shouldn't be. He's quite smart and stubborn, but loves to greet visitors!

Current Residents

Meet our current residents! These horses are with us for a variety of reasons as well. Some are still in rehabilitation, undergoing additional training, or are waiting for the perfect homes. Our current residents need sponsors to assist us in maintaining their health, treating medical conditions, or rehabilitating their body back to good health. This can take weeks to months to years. We want to make sure these horses are always happy and healthy.

Bagel-In Rehab

Sunshine-In Rehab

Pepper- In Rehab, available for adoption soon!

Bentley-Available for Adoption

Bentley is our big handsome guy. He's a 17.2 hand Belgian draft horse that retired from field work and is looking for his forever home.

Rip-Available for Adoption

Rip Wheeler is a standardbred retired from cart racing after winning quite a bit of money! He came in with a shoulder wound that has healed up nicely and he is now available for adoption. He is sweet and willing to please with great manners.


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